Performance Documentation

Performance – Documentation

East Street Arts Showspace, 14 Warren Street, W1T 5LJ

Curated by Stephanie Dickinson, contact

Experimental recording of events from different viewpoints

Static show result


An exhibition where performance artists are documented by other artists, developing a resultant static show which shows the event occurrences from many perspectives.

Artists include:

Hannah Elizabeth Allan

Fionn Brettell

Andrew Cooper

Jonny Cunningham

Paola De Ramos

Tom Estes

Liv Fontaine

Rebecca Foster

              Karen Karnak (Alytus Biennial)

Helen Long

Charles Okonta

Ian O’Shea

Douglas Park

Anne Robinson

Dan Smith

Jack Stokoe


First Event

Tuesday 13th August 6pm – 9pm

Second Event

Thursday 22nd August 6pm – 9pm

­­Static Show Open:

Thursday 15th August 1 – 7pm

Sunday 18th August 1 – 6pm

Monday 19th August 1 – 7pm

Tuesday 20th August 1 – 7pm

Sunday 25th August 1 – 6pm

Monday 26th August 1 – 7pm

Tuesday 28th August 1 – 4pm

Performance Art Schedule:

Event 1 – Tuesday 13th August

6pm Open Doors

6.10 Jack Stokoe

6.30 Helen Long

6.50 Anne Robinson

7.10 Liv Fontaine

7.30 Douglas Park

7.50 Jonny Cunningham

8.10 Tom Estes

Event 2 – Thursday 22nd August

6pm Open Doors

6.20 Fionn Brettell

6.40 Douglas Park

7.00 Andrew Cooper

7.30 Dan Smith


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